Northampton Family Dentist

May 20, 2019

Are you looking for an excellent dental practice where a family dentist can provide you and your family with great dental care? If you have a child who needs excellent kids dental care, we know you will be happy with the services and care that your child will receive at our dental practice, Modestow Family Dentistry. Our Northampton family dentist will be able to provide you and your child with a wide range of dental services to make sure that your teeth and gums stay healthy.

At our dental practice, we are very happy to have two expert dentists on staff. They are Dr. Ian Modestow and Dr. Jacinthe Giroux. It is generally recommended that children come in for their first dental visit when their first baby tooth erupts or they reach one year of age – whichever happens first. Although children’s baby teeth and not meant to last a lifetime, they do play several important roles in the child’s mouth. For this reason, it is important that baby teeth are able to stay in the mouth for as long as they are needed. This is why it is critical that baby teeth stay healthy and cavity free, and that a child’s gums stay healthy as well. Our Northampton family dentist will be able to make sure that your child gets great kids dental care. This way their baby teeth will stay healthy and be able to act as placeholders for permanent teeth, help your child develop clear speaking habits, and help your child thoroughly to his or her food for good digestion.

When it comes to children’s teeth, cavity prevention is also very important. This is because children are very prone to getting cavities for several reasons. To begin with, children’s teeth can have grooves and pits in them which make them perfect for catching plaque and bacteria. This means that children’s teeth are actually more prone to decay then adult teeth. When you mix this with the fact that children are not yet very good at tooth brushing, it is no surprise that children are much more prone to getting cavities. At our dental practice, children are able to get fluoride treatments which will strengthen their tooth enamel. We also offer dental sealants which act as a barrier between the tooth and harmful substances in the mouth, such as acids. Dental sealants are actually painted onto the tooth. They are used to protect flat chewing surfaces of the back molars. If you would like an appointment for your child to see our Northampton family dentist, contact us today.

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