Family Dentist Northampton

January 31, 2017

Dental Care for All Ages in Northampton

Family Dentist Northampton

At our dental practice, Modestow Family Dentistry, we are very happy to provide dental services for the entire family. Our family dentist Northampton, Dr. Ian Modestow, and Dr. Jacinthe Giroux, enjoy working with adults and children alike.

Whatever type of dental care you or your child may need, you will be able to receive it at our dental practice. We offer an environment that is warm and welcoming for patients of all ages. We also know that it is particularly important that children have a relaxing and fun time at our dental office so that they do not go on to develop any type of dental phobias or fears of dental care. This will help to ensure that they will never hesitate to seek dental care as adults, whenever they may need it. At our office, our family dentist Northampton provides a complete range of dental services so that we can offer fine dental care for everyone. Whether you need a comprehensive dental exam, traditional orthodontic care, or treatment with Invisalign invisible braces, you will be able to receive comprehensive dental care at our office. We also offer periodontal procedures and treatments for patients whose gums need to be returned to good health. If you are interested in making a cosmetic improvement to the look of your smile, we offer tooth whitening, dental veneers, and porcelain crowns. We also offer same-day CEREC crowns for our patients who want to be able to receive dental crowns in one short office visit. If you have missing teeth that need to be replaced, we offer dental implants, dentures, or fixed and removable bridges. We also offer snoring treatment, bruxism treatment and sedation dentistry for our more anxious patients. Our office is equipped with the most modern equipment, and our dentist uses state-of-the-art procedures and techniques in providing effective and comfortable dental care.

For an appointment for you or your child to see our family dentist Northampton, contact us today.

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