Florence Root Canal

June 29, 2017

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Florence root canal

If you have a tooth that has damaged or infected pulp, you can often have a root canal treatment to save the tooth at Modestow Family Dentistry. Your Florence root canal will be performed by either Dr. Ian Modestow or Dr. Jacinthe Giroux; however, after the root canal is performed, it is more important than ever to practice excellent oral hygiene.

Happily, root canal procedures are successful in over 90% of cases. But, it is very important that you follow our dentist’s instructions, and have regular dental visits to make sure that the tooth is remaining healthy. Complete healing time after a root canal treatment can take up to two years. There are several things that can happen to your tooth so it is once again vulnerable to infection; one of the ways to avoid this is to make sure that have excellent oral hygiene after your Florence root canal. After you have a root canal treatment, our doctor will probably inform you that you will need to get a porcelain crown to further protect the tooth. It is important that you have this done within the time frame that our dentist tells you so that the tooth is not left vulnerable to additional infection. Even though the tooth and root canal system are sealed during the root canal, problems can occur. If you have been practicing excellent oral hygiene and your gums remain healthy, but a seal breaks, it is much less likely that additional damage will occur before any problems are detected during your next dental visit. Excellent oral hygiene will also reduce the likelihood of the tooth becoming decayed again. Teeth that have had a root canal procedure are still able to get cavities, but the patient will not feel the cavity developing since there are no nerves left in the tooth to transmit dental pain. Having excellent oral hygiene following a root canal treatment, will not only help to keep your treated tooth healthy, but keep your entire mouth healthy as well.

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